Acadian Forest Families (Nagaya)
A group of Maritime woodlot owners certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC, see below) through Nagaya Forest Restoration.

Ecology Action Centre
The Ecology Action Centre has been an active advocate, protecting the environment since 1971. The Centre's earliest projects included recycling, composting, and energy conservation ... MORE

GPI Forest Accounts Report
GPI Atlantic is a non-profit research group, founded in 1997, to develop an index of sustainable development and well being -- the Genuine Progress Index ... MORE

FSC Canada
The Forest Stewardship Council is an international non-profit organization founded in 1993 to support environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world's forests ... MORE

A list of woodlot owners supplying FSC-certified wood is available from the website of the Standing Tall Campaign.

The North Mountain Old Forest Society
We are a non-profit group founded in January 2001, dedicated to ensuring the long-term well-being of privately owned woodlands in Nova Scotia ... MORE

Picea Forestry Consultants
As a private woodlot owner, do you recognize the values and potential in your forest? MORE

Standing Tall Campaign
What do you think of when you think of Nova Scotia's forests? Shaded trout streams? Mayflowers and ladyslippers? Blazing fall colours? Well-paid jobs in our small towns? Maple syrup? The clean smell of freshly-sawn broad pine boards? Trees so wide it's hard to get your arms around them? ... MORE

The Macphail Woods Ecological Forestry Project
A joint effort of the Environmental Coalition of Prince Edward Island and the Sir Andrew Macphail Foundation, The Macphail WoodsEcological Forestry Project combines protection of the natural areaalong the streams with ... MORE

Seeing the forest AND the trees --Sustainable forestry ... MORE
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